How to Make Money From Your Daily Commute in the Bay Area

If you live in the bay area and commute to work everyday, you are leaving money on the table if you’re not using Scoop, a new service that matches drivers in the bay area with riders for paid and pre-scheduled carpooling.

You can sign up to be both a driver and a rider, the app allows you to switch between the two easily, however it’s especially a great time to be a driver as they currently have a shortage of drivers.

Whether you choose to drive or ride, use the code TABRIS4CF when you sign up to get a $20 credit for free after you complete your first ride.

How It Works

Instead of driving solo, you can carpool with other passengers on a similar route by scheduling rides for dates and time in advance. There are two slots every day for morning and afternoon commutes, they are scheduled separately so you have the flexibility to only pick up riders in the morning if you’re not sure about plans later in the day.

You then put in your home address and the destination – your work, and select the time frame you are available to pick up other riders. Based on these information, Scoop will pair you up with rider(s) and give you an estimate of how much money you’ll make depending on the number of riders (up to 2) and the distance of the ride.

Schedule a ride by picking the day and time you are available and see how much you’ll make

Here is a general estimate of how much you’ll earn for each ride based on most common routes. It may not look like much, but every trip adds up over time.

Earn Money Doing What You Already Do

Long commutes in the bay area is a common pain for many people that unfortunately cannot be avoided. Scoop helps you make the best of a shitty situation. The longer your commute, the more you can potentially earn.

I plucked in the address of two of my colleagues who have long commutes daily below. As you can see, that’s easily a few more thousands in the bank each year that can go towards gas, car maintenance and other expenses.

A nice few extra thousands in the bank

You can get an estimate of your own estimate of how much you can save annually carpooling by using Scoop’s saving tool.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Signing up to be a Scoop Driver is fast and simple:

1. Download Scoop

Download the Scoop app on your phone and sign up for an account. Scoop is currently available on both Android and iOS.


Special Offer For My Readers
Use the code TABRIS4CF when completing your registration to get $20 extra credit after you complete your first ride.

2. Driver Details

Once you are in the app, click ‘Drive’ and schedule your first pick up. Scoop will prompt you to provide your information, including your license. Once you have filled in the details, Scoop will run a background check of your motor history with your license. The check usually takes less than a minute to complete.

3. Vehicle Info

Once you have been approved as a driver, you will be prompted to enter your vehicle information, including the car model and license plate.

Enter your license and car detail. Note temporary and expired licenses are not accepted.

Click ‘Save’ and voila, that’s it ! You are registered and your first ride is now scheduled. The whole process should take you less than 5 minutes.

Tips For First Time Drivers

1. Schedule your AM trip by 9:00PM the day before, and PM trip by 3:00PM on the day itself.

2. Initially, you’ll want to find a best match by putting in a larger time frame, say 7:30am – 9:30am instead of 7:00am – 7:30am.

This will help you discover people who live closer to you. Of course, this only works if you are pretty flexible with your work start time.

3. You’ll get a text message that tells you if Scoop found a carpool, and when to leave to pick them up on time.

4. Tap on the trip card in the app to see the employer, contact information, and directions for your rider.

5. Scoop support is available anytime if you have any additional questions, you can also visit Scoop’s Help Center for more information.

Happy riding !

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