What I’ve been up to this year, so far …

Music and Languages


This year, I continued my violin journey learning pieces from Suzuki Book 3, getting more comfortable with shifting into second and third positions with Essential Elements book. At the recommendation of my teacher Joanna, I increased lesson time from 30 mins to 45 mins, and bought a new performance violin on 11 July as I outgrew my student violin.

At Vibo’s Achievement Recital on June 23 and 24, I performed Bach’s gavotte from Suzuki Book 3 and was the second violin for a trio playing Who You Really Are, a beautiful piece from Sherlock.


After having a great experience with Professor Heather Howard in French I last year, I continued taking french classes at Stanford offered as part of their continuing studies, finishing FRN 02: Beginning French II in winter and FRN 03: Beginning French III in spring, earning an A grade for both.

International Choir

Performed in an international choir with a band of amazing musicians from ViBO Simfani at Fort Mason as part of SF International Arts Festival on June 6. We performed Sentimental Journey, À la claire fontaine ( French song popular in Québec ), and Congorito ( a very upbeat Spanish song).

Live Music Jam

I really enjoy playing music with other people, but had a fear of of not being good enough at playing improv and harmonizing. At the encouragement of Victor, the director of music school where I study violin, I started jamming with other amazing musicians at San Bruno Live Music Meetup.

I attended my first jam on 13 July, where the highlight of the session for me was jamming on my violin to one of my favorite songs, Wagon Wheel.


Started learning Brazilian Portuguese on Duolingo, and formed a Duolingo club with other Portuguese learners.

Sports and Physical Activities


Since starting capoeira last year, I continue practicing with Mestre Cafu of Gingado Capoeira, earning a white-yellow belt at my first ever batizado on May 20.


Started boxing at UFC Gym San Bruno

Bought a skateboard

April 7 – Completed reading and skills test at College of San Mateo


Google IO




Protein folding